The Ark of the Creators Fellowship

A Civilization Building Project for an abundant, impactful, and sustainable future.

Introduction to our Creed

The Ark of the Creators Fellowship is on a mission for those of mankind to share knowledge through free expression and to support one's natural ability to voluntarily interact with others in freedom, as part of the Creation itself.

Our vision is that heaven on Earth is here and now. It’s a matter of immersing ourselves in a frequency that supports and amplifies our commitment of becoming the best version of ourselves.

We worship and honor the Creation by exercising our liberty, providing that exercise of liberty doesn’t impair others. We honor our essence by understanding and serving others essence.

The Fellowship’s Purpose

There is a crystal-clear vision of the life we want to live: one where self-sovereignty, self-guidance, and the non-aggression principle are at the foundation of all interactions.

We believe our purpose as human beings is to bridge the Consciousness of the Creator and its Creation, manifesting higher frequencies in both the physical form and realms unseen. This manifests at every moment, when we show up, hold presence, and relate to others.

Fellows work tirelessly towards developing the infrastructure, technologies, and social structures of the New Civilization. We’re Evolving Together into a future of freedom, self-guidance and coherence.

A central pillar of our mission is the creation of sanctuaries for the development and protection of all seekers of wisdom, love and truth. Through these sanctuaries we accelerate humanity’s realization of a more beautiful and loving world.

As a voluntaryist organization, the Fellowship respects everybody’s right to live their life as they please, as long as they respects the life, liberty and property of others by abstaining from aggression.

We also believe that in some areas such as morality, diversity is not our strength, but a source of strife: the Fellowship is simply not for everyone, but for those who are committed to living a life of purpose and intention.

Core Beliefs & Values

⚭ Be Impeccable with your words.
⚭ Don’t take anything personally.
⚭ Don’t make assumptions.
⚭ Always do your best.

The Four Agreements
Miguel Ruiz

Governing Authority

We, the Fellows, as Divine Souls incarnate as living beings, declare and affirm that Divinity holds the absolute authority over all of Creation, under whose direction the Divine Souls incarnate as living beings have been trusted to steward the Earth through a sovereign style of governance.

The only authority we recognize and serve is, the creating and sustaining life force that moves in and between all things.

And thus, we declare that coercive control is a violation of Natural Law, that enables oppression and manipulation.

We reject the idea of human authority and instead focus on personal responsibility and voluntary interactions: there are no intermediaries between us and the Creator.


  • Every individual owns himself, and therefore is responsible for self-control: every conscious adult has the right to dispose of his body as he sees fit, being free, even if other individuals may consider them vicious or wrong. No one has the right to force anyone to do anything, except not to harm the liberties or property of others.
  • Freedom of expression must be absolute: As much as a Fellow may disagree and find something despicable, he will defend their right to free expression. Fellows know perfectly well that there are learnings for themselves, and also that making mistakes is an important part of life. As long as they are non-aggressors, everyone has the right to think or say whatever they please, without suffering aggression.
  • The needs of the majority are never above the Individual. The rights of the individual are sacred. The only common good that must be secured through force is the integrity of the rights of life, liberty and property for all members of a society. Neither military slavery, nor compulsory vaccination, nor any confiscation of property from innocent people is justifiable under any circumstances.
  • There is no such thing as “public life”. Self-Ownership is the paramount entity, so the principle of propertarianism primes instead: whoever owns the property sets the rules.
  • The notion of Social Equality stands in opposition to the natural order. Each individual possesses distinct skills, life experiences, and qualities that set them apart. These differences are not to be shunned but celebrated, as they contribute to the richness and diversity of human existence.

Vibration Principle

  • We adhere to the Vibration Principle–we all vibrate in a frequency determined by our internal state, and then attract what we are. Thus our actions have more weight than our words.
  • We guide ourselves after the principle of “In lak’ ech, Hala ken” which, in a literal translation, means “I am you, as you are me” or “I am another you, as you are another me”. All are one and the same with the Creator.
  • We are created and sustained for the sole purpose of the expansion of the Consciousness through our life’s experiences. We believe the relationship between people, nature and land are intertwined. Care for people cannot be separated from care for nature and the land.

Self-organization of The Creation

  • Divine economy is organized spontaneously: Absolute market freedom without privileges, handouts or government interference. Competition is the best economic organizer.
  • Same rights regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation or country of origin: This means, for example, that no one should prohibit a decent individual from migrating and settling peacefully in any country to exercise a legitimate trade, profession or industry.
  • Human Natural Rights are gifts from the Creator. There is no validity in human-made laws: And thus it is up to individuals to take up arms against any aggressor, in defense of one's life, liberty, property or an innocent third party at risk. We hold that authority bestowed from a higher power is the only legitimate form of governance. Coercive control is a violation of Natural Law, enabling oppression and manipulation. Rejecting the superstition of authority, we advocate for personal responsibility and voluntary interactions as the pillars of a just society.

Worship Practices

Fellowship Yearly Events Calendar

We offer our Fellows a complete schedule of important dates to celebrate special events and rituals in the company of like-minded, like-hearted individuals.

Some of our Events:

  • The Full Moon Rite of deparasitation & detox
  • Welcome to Manhood ritual
  • Welcome to Womanhood ritual
  • The Quest of Self-Mastery initiations for:
    • Level 1: Mystery of the Body
    • Level 2: Mystery of the Soul
    • Level 3: Mystery of the Spirit
    • Level 4: Initiation to Self-Mastery

Monthly Events

We periodically gather to celebrate the most valuable thing: life.

We usually kick off our events by holding a 90-minute workshop on organizing locally for working in the New Civilization.

Over dinner, Fellows have the opportunity to forge valuable friendships, exchange ideas, and contribute to alliances.

Lawful Compliance

The Fellowship is steadfast in our commitment to conducting all creed statements and worship practices in alignment with lawful standards and ethical principles.

Our organization's dedication to upholding religious, educational, and charitable purposes serves as the cornerstone of our mission. By ensuring that our activities adhere to established guidelines, we demonstrate our unwavering devotion to promoting spiritual growth, fostering educational enlightenment, and advancing humanitarian efforts.

Embracing transparency, integrity, and accountability, we pledge to operate with the highest ethical standards and lawful responsibility. Our commitment to lawful compliance reflects our dedication to upholding the values of our Fellowship and serving our community with honor and integrity.